Let you replace words with 💩 on the internets

Get the chrome extension

Don't let the words hurt you

There are some words that you don't want to see. Words that represent some things you dislike or hate. Turn them into piles of poo now !

Internet is a poop machine

Hundreds of thousands of words are published online every hours. You don't want to see all of them !

Exemple with "Facebook"

"Holy turd !"

That is what they all say about us

"My life is now complete."

Random Turdifier user

Breaking The Grid, Grabs Your Attention

Instead of focusing on content creation and hard work, I have learned how to master the art of doing nothing by providing massive amounts of whitespace and generic content that can seem massive, monolithic and worth your attention. Also, I did not write this piece of text which was a part of my layout template.

One last thing

Did I Tell You About The Bananas?

No ? That's because I hate bananas ! I lost faith since the Harambe incident. Just joking I love Bananas !

I'm Still Quite Interested by the Turdifier